The Comings Foundation is a family Foundation greatly concerned with the pervasive effects of Climate Change and its resultant Global Warming. The reality of global warming is reviewed on the page Global Warming is Real and on the next page, Harmful Effects of Climate Change in the US makes available a PDF of a 2019 assessment concluding that by the end of the century damage in the U.S. will be in the range in the hundreds of billions of US dollars annually. By the end of the century? Very recent events - droughts, forest fires, tornados, hurricanes and horrible weather have cost the US over 300 billion dollars. The 2021 assessment is even more scary.

The cost of doing nothing is far greater than the cost of combating climate change now.

Our highest priority project is:
Enhanced Weathering using Cropland, Non-cropland and Oceans

Other areas of interest are:

Development of Perennial Crops
Ocean Farming
Clean Concrete
Methane & other GHGs
Support of Fourth Generation Nuclear Energy
Role of the Ocean in Climate Change -
Fundable Items from DRAWDOWN
Removing Plastics from the Ocean
Novel solar with a twist CHERP

Science and Medicine……

Who we are is given in the Bios section
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