3. Negative Emission Technology (NET)
A great deal has been written about Negative Emission Technology - an approach to mitigating CO2 levels by the removal of CO2 or methane from the atmosphere or the ocean. The importance of negative emissions is illustrated by the fact that of the over 100 climate modeling simulations consistent with the Paris Agreement goals, 87% of them involve NETs.

Natural Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) processes already remove in excess of 22 Gt/y of CO2 from the atmosphere, and thus significantly moderate the climate effects of our current 41 Gt/yr of emissions (Le Quéré, et al, 2018). A combination of reduced emissions and various NETs will be required to remove the excess.

Of the many potential approaches the Comings Foundation finds the following the most reasonable in that they seem feasible and have benefits in addition to the removal of CO
2. The three we consider to have the highest priority are listed in the section 7 Priority Projects. An additional group we also wish to support are listed under 8 Additional Projects.

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A Direct Carbon Capture
B Perennial Crops
C Enhanced Weathering using Cropland

D Ocean Farming
E Clean Concrete
F Methane

Two additional popular NETs are:
G Afforestation and Reforestation
For reasons listed in these segments we have not placed these in our high priority group.

Le Quéré, C. L. et al. (2018) Global Carbon Budget 2017. Earth Syst. Sci. Data 10:405.