I am very concerned about global warming and its devastating effects on our planet. I used my isolation time during the pandemic and passion for research to write a 322 page document on the best approach to combating global warming. I concluded that both reducing emissions AND removing CO2 from the atmosphere were required. Techniques to remove atmospheric CO2 are called Negative Emission Technologies (NETs). This research showed that Enhanced Weathering (EW) and Ocean Alkalinization Enhancement (OAE) were the only two NETs that could safely and permanently sequester gigatons of CO2 per year. These two NETs use ultramafic rocks such as olivine and serpentine. Almost every country in the world has deposits of these rocks. We propose that if every country pledged not only to reduce emissions but also to mine and grind their own ultramafic rocks and spread them on croplands, non-croplands and the ocean, to sequester the amount of CO2 that they emit each year, this would rapidly halt global warming. If each country sequestered what they emit + 30% the level of CO2 in the atmosphere would begin to decrease and forever rid us of the problem of global warming.

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